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  • Abbreviation and Conventions used for shipping schedules pages
    • Vessel name in all capital letters: fullcontainer vessel.
    • T.T.:transit time,
      #: served via transshipment
    • Abbreviation used for flag :
Ab: Netherlands Antilles & Aruba Al: Algerian Am: American
An: Antigua & Barbuda Ar: Argentine Au: Australian
Ba: Bahamas Bd: Bangladesh Be: Belgian
Bh: Bahrain Bm: Bermuda Bo: Bolivian
Br: British Bz: Brazilian Ca: Canadian
Ch: Chilean Co: Colombian Cp: Cypriot
Da: Danish Du: Dutch Ec: Ecuadorian
Ep: Egyptian Et: Ethiopian Fr: French
Ge: German Gi: Gibraltar Gr: Greek
HK: Hong Kong Ho: Hondurus Ia: Indonesian
In: Indian Iq: Iraqi Ir: Iranian
Is: Israeli It: Italian Ja: Japanese
Ko: South Korean Ku: Kuwaiti Li: Liberian
Lu: Luxemburg Ma: Maltese Me: Mexican
Mm: Myanmar Ms: Marshall Is. My: Malaysian
Ng: Nigerian No: Norwegian Pa: Panamanian
Pi: Philippine Pk: Pakistani Pt: Portugal
Pv: Peruvian Qt: Qatar PRC: P.R. of China
Ru: Russian SA: South African Sd: Saudi Arabian
Sg: Singaporean SL: Sri Lanka Sp: Spanish
SV: St. Vincent & Grenadines Sw: Swedish Th: Thai
Tu: Turkish Tw: Taiwanese UAE: United Arab Emirates
Ur: Ukraine Va: Valletta Ve: Venezuelan
Vn: Vanuatu Vt: Vietnamese Ys: Yugoslavian